Rio Grande Valley Builders Association

2022 Fishing Tournament Entry

Saturday, June 25th @ Jim's Pier on SPI

2022 Tournament Rules & Information

The tournament will be held on Saturday, June 25th.

Each team can be comprised of up to 4 team members and each person must be registered. This is a members only tournament, so at least one of the registered participants must be an employee of a company that is a member of the RGVBA. Only registered team members may be on a boat. If anyone that is not registered is found to be on a boat fishing, that boat will be disqualified. Fishing with a guide is not allowed - if you are found to be fishing with a guide your team will be automatically disqualified. All participants must have a legal fishing license as required by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Fishing hours will be from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday, June 25th. You may leave from any location that you would like but can not start fishing until 6:00 am.

Weigh-in will be at Jim’s Pier from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm on Saturday, June 25th. Teams must return to the weigh-in area BY BOAT and no later than 3:00 pm Saturday. All registered team members need to be on the boat and present at weigh in. Any boat not at the dock by 3:00 pm will be automatically disqualified.

All decisions by weigh-master will be FINAL. You must weigh-in all of your fish at once and may not return with additional/different fish. Any fish considered altered by the weigh-master will disqualify the team from the event.

Awards will be announced following the closing of the weigh-in deadline at 3:00pm at Jim's Pier.

Fish will be scored by weight, with the heaviest fish winning. In case of a tie in weight, the length of the fish will serve as the tie-breaker. Should the fish be the same length as well, the winner of the tie will be decided by the weigh-in time - the first fish weighed in will win. All decisions by the weigh master are final.

There will be a mandatory captains meeting Friday, June 24th, at 6pm at the Longboard Bar & Grille on SPI.


Heaviest Stringer - all slot fish. 1 Redfish (20"-28"), 1 Trout (17"-23"), and 1 Flounder: (Min. 15") You must have 2 of the 3 species to enter. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded. Each boat in the tournament is automatically entered into this competition.

Calcutta Categories - Additional $100 each and paid at captains meeting
Heaviest Redfish - Maximum size to be drawn at the captains meeting. 1st and 2nd place.
Heaviest Trout - Maximum size to be drawn at the captains meeting. 1st and 2nd place.
Red with the most spots - Slot size (20"-28"). 1st and 2nd place.

If you have any additional questions, call Paco Vielma @ 956-491-7919

Team Information

Calcuttas To Enter

Important Rules to Remember

Mandatory Captain's Meeting Friday June 24th @ 6PM - Longboard Bar & Grille on SPI. Calcutta sizes will be drawn at this meeting.

Each team must weigh in by boat at Jim's Pier & no later than 3pm. All team members must be on the boat and present at weigh-in.

4 people max per team, everyone on a boat must be registered. One team member must be an employee of an RGVBA member company.

No Guides - currently active or previously licensed. Fish with a Guide & get disqualified.

No altering fish and weigh-masters decision on size/weight/alterations will be final.

I have read the rules above and agree that my team and I will abide by them or be disqualified.